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ASD – Academy of Security and Property-Related Services

Secure vocational training prospects – that’s what we offer you. We’ve undertaken to qualify those interested in working in the field of security and facility management. To ensure that this happens in the most professional way, our trainees have the support of a highly competent team of trainers with experience in the industry.

Our instructors have practical experience and share the expertise they’ve gained with the trainees. The high quality of our vocational training program is assured through the instructors’ many years of experience working at various security companies and as examiners at Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK). Our quality has also been confirmed in independent audits: ASD is an educational institution that has been certified by TÜV Süd in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 and AZAV (Ordinance on Accreditation and Certification – Job Creation).

All courses and traineeships we offer are eligible for financial aid in the form of educational vouchers or through WeGebAU (a continuing education initiative of the German Federal Employment Agency). As part of this financial aid, soldiers can complete their vocational training with us through the German Federal Armed Forces’ career support services. We’re happy to assist you in applying for financial aid.

Located in Jena, ASD’s classes and training sessions take place in modern classrooms that are close to the city center and easy to reach quickly.


Maybe you have more questions about our vocational training programs and qualifying courses of study. Or, you’d like to have advice on financial-aid options and how to apply for them. Perhaps you’ve already decided on a course of study and want to know when it starts.

We’re happy to discuss all of these topics and more – by phone, email or contact form at the end of this site.


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A career with a future: Vocational training programs and qualifications at ASD

Vocational training at ASD

Vocational training in the field of security services is a type of training with excellent prospects. Demand for well-trained professionals in this industry is expected to remain high for the foreseeable future.

At ASD, our top priority is providing the best possible vocational training programs. Our instructors have worked in the field and have many years of experience in leadership positions. Take advantage of this opportunity and launch your career with us – in a field with a future.

  • Specialist in protection and security
  • Security professional for the transport of money and valuables
  • Service professional for protection and security
  • Master of protection and security


Qualifications and courses of study at ASD

In comparison with our vocational training programs, our courses are distinguished by their in-depth focus on one particular aspect. The courses of study are therefore additional qualifications that train you in a specific area of activity.

There’s a positive side effect: With this kind of specific qualification, you improve your own career prospects. As a professional with a certified degree, you can make a convincing case for yourself to potential employers based on well-documented skills – building the foundations for professional success.

  • verified  specialist in protection and security
  • Guard for individuals and events
  • Investigator and private detective
  • Preparatory courses in proficiency examinations
  • Fire-safety officer
  • Qualification as a fire marshal
  • Certificate of first-aid training
  • Advanced medical first-aid training
  • Preparation for the proficiency examination (IHK)
  • Weapons proficiency
  • Officer for elevator facilities
  • Qualification as an evacuation assistant
  • Qualification as an expert in intervention
  • Specialist in playground safety
  • Qualification as a security officer
  • Preparatory courses in trainer aptitude tests
  • Qualification as a data security officer
  • Security employee for military buildings and premises
  • How to act in conflict areas
  • Security personnel for government buildings and premises
  • Training as a VIP chauffeur
  • Ship surveillance personnel
  • English for the private security industry
  • Training in driving safety for specific professions

Secure vocational training prospects: The ASD job guarantee.

The field of security services is a growing industry. Well-trained professionals will be in demand over the long term. This is where ASD comes in – providing specialized vocational training. Our instructors come from the industry and know what companies are looking for. ASD provides an education that is consistent with the demands of the market. Every aspect of the training program is focused on this goal.

This also means that we can offer our graduates a job guarantee. If you successfully complete your vocational training at ASD, we’ll provide you with a job offer in the field.

Once you finish your vocational training, a job offer is the next step.